“Road Trip” - a published layout!

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Come vi dicevo, hanno pubblicato un mio layout, e non uno qualsiasi, ma uno dei miei lavori per Paper House… e so soddisfazioni!/As I said, one of my layout have been published on a magazine: it is a DT work for Paper House, so it is double happiness for me!

Giorgia Rossini for Paper House

Le collezioni sui viaggi sono uno dei punti di forza di Paper House: trovate ogni paese del mondo, ogni tipo di viaggio (road trip, crociera, in aereo)… / Travel collections are a Paper House best seller: you can find every country and every kind of trip (road trip, cruise, by plane…)

Giorgia Rossini for Paper House

Giorgia Rossini for Paper House 

Giorgia Rossini for Paper House

Giorgia Rossini for Paper House

Product used

Paper House: “Road Trip” 3D stickers, “Road Trip” chalkboard stickers, “Road trip” cardstock stickers, “American Road” paper pad, “Hit the road” chipoxy stickers, “United States Map-East” paper

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  1. Well done...win, win!! Love the whole idea of the way you've done the traveling theme...& the touch with those sequins:):) Magic!!!


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