“Cena da Bubba”

A San Francisco abbiamo cenato da Bubba Gump Shrimp Co, una catena di ristoranti di pesce ispirata al film Forrest Gump: per chiamare il cameriere bisogna mettere il cartello su “fermati Forrest fermati” altrimenti lui continuerà a correre, proprio come Forrest… /In San Francisco we had dinner in this funny seafood restaurant chain, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., which is inspired by Forrest Gump movie: to call the waiter you have to put the sign on “stop Forrest stop”, if you keep it “run Forrest run” he will keep on running as Forrest… P1090426





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july 1 2014

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  1. GOOD one....funny restaurant....the colours are perfect for our Off The Rails challenge...& you've done a fabulous job of that sketch...I saw it but got scared!!! WONDERFUL page:):):) And thanks for joining us this month:):)

  2. thank you so much Lizzy, don't be intimidated by triangles, they are funny!
    as Bubba :)


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