Una big news: sono nel DT di FabScraps!/ A FAB news: I’m on FabScraps DT!

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Sono davvero strafelice: sono nel Design Team di FabScraps per il 2015/2016! Non vedo l’ora di poter lavorare coi loro fantastici prodotti e collaborare con le altre talentuose scrapper selezionate/I’m over the moon: I am on FabScraps DT for 2015/2016! I am honored for this, I can’t wait to work with their amazing products and cohoperate with the other talented scrappers in the DT:

FabScraps 2015/2016 DT

Tina Ollett http://tinamarie-foreverandalways.blogspot.com.au/

Anna Rogalska http://annar-mojepasje.blogspot.com/

Anchal Sapra www.facebook.com/AColourfulAffair

Lisa-Marie Watling http://bluebirdscrapper.blogspot.it/

Maggi Harding http://scraptravelbark.blogspot.com/

Petra Offrell http://mittkreativakaos.blogspot.se/

Sandra Nicholls http://thecreativeessence.blogspot.com.au/

Tanya Cloete

Michelle Frisby www.frisbys.blogspot.co.nz

Denise Van Deventer www.strawbspatch.blogspot.com

Olga Litvin www.olgalitvin.blogspot.com

Adri du Preez http://me-being-creative.blogspot.it/

Giorgia Rossini http://joyblonde.blogspot.it/ YAY THAT’S ME!!

Ada Nicholls http://adaskits.blogspot.it/

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  1. Absolutely FABULOUS and FANTASTIC!!! I'm so pleased and excited for you.....& look at that amazing line up of scrappers!!! You will fit in sooo well:):)

  2. Thank you my sweet friend!
    I'm super excited :)


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